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Is Your Home or Office Indoor Air Quality Making You Sick?
The prevalence of allergies and asthma has doubled in the past 30 years.
Learn why our homes and offices have become incubators that produce and harbor many of the most common allergy and asthma triggers that cause or exacerbate allergies and asthma.

Do your symptoms diminish when you are away from your home or office?
Don't just medicate to compensate for your poor indoor air quality. Let us identify your home or workplace triggers that contribute to or cause allergy attacks or asthma. Investigations include mold testing, laser particle analyzers, toxic gases, total volatile organic compounds and moisture and humidity gauges.

The elimination of identified residential factors, if causally associated with asthma, would result in a 39% decline in doctor-diagnosed asthma among US Children >6 years old. 2001 American Academy of Pediatrics

Let me set the record straight regarding the misconception that was conveyed by our government officials and representatives after Hurricane Sandy AND continues to be thought as being sound advice. We were told that because it is cold out, mold generally will not grow. Not to worry....

The fact is that certain varieties of mold thrive in the cold just as some flourish in warm weather. I found a jar with some mold in the back of our refrigerator which is set at 34 degrees. Yes, this bottle of salsa is a great example of how mold will grow in cold weather. Time to see what else I can find in the remote darkness of our refrigerator. Cold or warm, if you have a dark moist place that has organic material, mold will grow.

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Does bleach really kill mold? • How do I get rid of or remediate mold? • Is this mold harming me? • What type of heating or A/C filters should I use and how often do they need to be changed? • Why can't I keep the humidity down? • Is the type of vacuum I use absolutely critical? • The truth behind dust mites, pets, upholstered furniture and carpets • Tips and advice on what type of cleaners to use • Humidifiers • Dehumidifiers • Portable Air Cleaners • Ozonators • Hepa Filters • Ultraviolet Lights

Contact us for affordable comprehensive indoor air quality investigations that identify and correct your indoor air quality problems. Reduce your dependency on medications and diminish the severity and occurrences of your attacks.

"Don't Just Medicate... Let Us Investigate"

NY Indoor Air Quality Solutions is a locally owned and operated company serving Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island and New York.

Our Mission is to partner with the medical community in providing a service which will evaluate the air you breathe, identify any triggers which are above base lines and recommend how to remediate these harmful issues. Our number one goal is to reduce your dependency on medications and diminish the severity and occurrences of your attacks.

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